You are not alone!  Being a Democrat in a rural community can feel isolating. The Powhatan County Democratic Committee is a group of like minded local residents striving to make a positive impact on our county, state, country and world.

We support local charities, participate in local events, and tirelessly advocate for those in our county that are often ignored.  Please join us in our work and support our mission!


How to Vote

2020 was the most important election in a generation. Joe Biden called it the "Battle for the Soul of the Nation." Fortunately the state of Virginia has made several changes that made voting easier (thanks to Democrats in the General Assembly) during the pandemic. The information below will help with reliable information on voting absentee or in person.  

The PCDC encourages everyone to vote as early as you can, and to make your voice heard! Information regarding how to vote absentee or early is available here from the Virginia Department of Elections.

Additional information specific to Powhatan County is available from the Powhatan Office of Elections and Voter Registration.

Changes in 2020 Virginia election law:

  • No Excuse Absentee Voting - Allows any voter qualified to vote in an election to vote absentee without an excuse.


  • Expanded Accepted IDs - adds to the list of acceptable forms of voter ID a valid student photo ID card issued by any institution of higher education in United States


  • Eliminated Photo ID Requirement - eliminates, for most qualified voters, the requirement to provide photo identification at the polls


  • Election Day Holiday - Designates Election Day, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, as a state holiday and removes Lee-Jackson Day as a state holiday.


2021 Candidates

The Democratic Party has nominated a slate of candidates that are qualified, experienced and ready. Democrats will come into office prepared to pick up the pieces, govern and lead this country forward to Build Back Better. Click a photo to learn more!


Get Involved

Joe, Kamala, Abigail and Mark need your help to win on November 3rd.


The Powhatan Democratic Committee needs your help whenever you can offer it.


Virginia has elections every year, so we are always supporting local, state and national Democratic candidates. In addition, we support causes and make our presence felt in the Powhatan to show we are not the "others" - we are neighbors, parents, friends, fellow parishioners and participants in Powhatan community life.









We welcome new members or donors, you can join or donate via these links:

If you still have questions or would like more information, you can always contact us via email, text, phone, FaceBook or Twitter direct message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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